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Franziska Greten

About me:

I am at home in the countryside of Lower Saxony and successfully completed my dual studies in Business Administration - Agri-Food (B.A.) at the PHWT in Vechta in 2014. This was followed by several years as a farm manager of various sow facilities.

Most recently, I worked as a piglet specialist for one of the largest German mixed feed manufacturers. By combining practical experience from the barn with business know-how from my studies, I acted as a link between the farms and the various departments in the company, both nationally and internationally.



I was given the opportunity to complete my dual study program at one of Germany's largest slaughterhouses. During this time, I had the unique opportunity to get to know not only all the usual departments of the company, such as quality management, purchasing, sales and personnel, but also the entire production process from the green, through the red, to the white side. The subsequent activities in the pig sector as farm manager as well as in the feed sector have shaped my professional profile and have given me not only a comprehensive understanding of the processes and challenges in agriculture, but also a broad view of the entire agricultural industry.



During my studies, in addition to the broad range of business topics, there was a special focus on marketing, which gave me a solid foundation for my later work. In my previous position as a Young Animal Feed specialist, I worked closely with the marketing team, product management and sales. This close collaboration allowed me to gain deep insights into effective marketing strategies and processes in the agri-food industry. This is of great value for my current job.



Apart from my professional career, I am also closely connected with agriculture and animal husbandry in my private life. In my free time, I passionately take care of our horses and am actively involved in training young talents in equestrian sports.

Another aspect that drives me both professionally and privately is my insatiable thirst for knowledge and the urge to continuously develop. I always follow the latest developments in the agricultural and food industry as well as in marketing and HR and work to continuously expand my skills and knowledge.

"It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a very clear path to happiness. " - Sheryl Sandberg