Selected people in food & agri

Kim Meyer

About me:

During a summer job in the farrowing barn at the Agricultural Education Center in Echem, Lower Saxony, I discovered my passion for agriculture. From then on, I knew that this is exactly the field in which I would like to shape my professional future.

After my extensive studies in agricultural sciences in Rostock, I first worked in a dairy cattle company. Looking for new professional challenges, I seized the opportunity and accepted the position as assistant to the management in a forest nursery. Another stage of my life eventually took me to the North Sea coast, where I again looked for professional opportunities. In the process, the exciting opportunity arose to work as a junior consultant at Ceres.



  • Extensive experience in application processes
  • Practical know-how in the general operating processes of a company
  • Skills in dealing with customers and customer service



During my work as assistant to the management and production manager, I gained a comprehensive insight into the many different areas of a craft company and developed a keen sense of the specific requirements in the landscaping and gardening sector. This deepened my understanding of how crucial qualified employees are for the success of a company.



Due to my personal experience with application processes, it is important to me to make them as transparent and efficient as possible for both employers and employees. It is a matter close to my heart to help with the recruitment process and to ensure that all parties involved can enjoy a harmonious and prosperous collaboration.

"Nothing is more helpful than a challenge to bring out the best in a person." – Ephraim Kishon