Selected people in food & agri

Menda Schmiedeskamp

About me:

I am based in the Herford region and firmly rooted there with my family. My professional journey began after my training as an industrial clerk and took me abroad to the exciting world of tourism. But I found my real passion in personnel consulting, where I started my career in the field of recruitment and employee leasing at one of the most renowned personnel service providers in Germany.



My professional journey began in East Westphalia when I took over the management of a business unit. Later, as an area manager, I looked after several offices and, as a manager, was responsible for the strategic orientation, but also for the core employees as well as the leasing staff. Thanks to my additional qualification as a corporate health manager, I can contribute to developing a holistic approach to employee recruitment and care. This helps to attract highly qualified talent and retain it in the long term – but I always find it important to change perspectives to integrate the candidate's point of view.



My nearly 20 years of experience in recruiting have made me a successful brand ambassador for our clients, as the Candidate Journey and pre-onboarding of new talents starts with me. My knowledge spans recruiting strategies as well as processes and I have a broad network, especially in the food industry.



I'm deeply passionate about healthy living, combining my love for nutrition and fitness with a commitment to maintaining balance in life. As a dedicated corporate health manager, I understand the importance of preserving personal resources in our fast-paced world.

Various sports play a key role in my life, not only for my physical fitness, but also as an important source of mental strength. My driving motivation is to authentically connect with people, whether it's in my professional interactions with clients and candidates or in my personal relationships. In all my engagements, you'll find my values of authenticity, appreciation, commitment, and a focus on well-being shining through.

"Find each other! Talk to each other! Be there for each other! That's how we should describe and shape our future." (Oliver Groß)