Selected people in food & agri

Beate Peltzer

About me:

My professional journey began with a degree in food technology at Humboldt University. After that, I accompanied breweries of various sizes, from family businesses to international corporations, on their way to certification. In the process, I discovered my passion for raw materials. Now I support the German team of CeresRecruitment as a freelancer. My center of life is in Wildeshausen, Lower Saxony.



  • Professional experience in various specialist, management, and consulting functions
  • Various professional positions from purchasing manager to authorized signatory
  • Additional qualification as a specialist in purchasing and materials management



As an expert for raw materials and agricultural by-products, I am deeply rooted in topics such as resource conservation and circular bioeconomy. These areas are not only part of my professional activities, but also personal passions to which I devote my heart and soul.

I also have extensive industry knowledge and a broad network. In my 30+ year career, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the agri-food industry.



I am also loyal to the agri-food industry when it comes to engagement. Motivated by my passion for healthy food on its way from the field to the jar and plate as well as in the kitchen and in the cellar, I got involved in “Solawi” (Solidarity Farming). I care about sustainable coexistence through sustainable regional management with respect for resources and appreciation for producers.

In addition to occasional work in the field and in distribution, I regularly write for a column in the monthly bulletin or on the homepage. For this I research regional treasures (producers, products, service providers, events) to draw attention to regional diversity on the one hand and to counteract the alienation of producers and consumers on the other.

Furthermore, the visibility and strengthening of female specialists and executives in the traditionally shaped agricultural and food industry is especially close to my heart.

"My ambition is encounter at eye level. What can I enable the client, their team, and the candidate with the staffing? What can they achieve in a common future? By clarifying where client and candidate are coming from and where you can go together, I support both sides in making their decision-relevant needs and expectations transparent."